Product Accumulator/Buffer

cheese accumulator buffer

Automates Product Vertically & Automatically Places Product
Back Into Production Flow


  • Automatically Accumulates products then enters them back in the production line when needed.
  • Flexibility - can handle most any type of product.  Accumulating packs up to 5# and more.


  • Rugged stainless steel construction - sanitary wash down construction - Built to USDA specifications.
  • Quick Tear-Down - The Buffer 100 can be dismantled for cleanup with no tools and in 5 minutes.
  • USDA/WDA- Built to USDA and WDA specifications. Advanced Cheese Equipment has a great deal
    of experience in building equipment that meets or exceeds the USDA "Dairy" standards.


    • Cost savings through reductions in labor and repetitive type injuries and reduced maintenance costs.
      The Buffer 100 is a rapid pay back investment on labor savings alone.
    • Product quality - Eliminates all the manual handling of product as normally associated with the
      "other" machines on the market.
    • Sanitation - The Buffer 100 is very easy to clean and sanitize.
    • Faster - speeds of 200 or more packs per minute (product dependent).
    • Compact - Efficient use of floor space.

    Product Width*
    Product Height
    Product Length
    Machine Length*
    Machine Speed
    200+ pcs/min
    * These dimensions can be tailored to fit your needs

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