AutoTurn 100

cheese production product turners


  • Oring belts - The AutoTurn 100 is designed with Oring drive belts to minimize the friction while
    turning products of many sizes to orient them in the proper direction for wrapping.
  • Minimal friction slide guides assist in turning the product without causing the product to deform in
    any way.
  •  Flexibility - The AutoTurn 100 can handle most any type of product. Turning chunks up to 5# and
    more. Half moons are easily turned also.
  • Super rugged stainless steel - Sanitary wash down construction - built to USDA specifications.
  • Quick teardown - The AutoTurn 100 can be dismantled for cleanup with no tools and in 2 minutes.


      • Cost savings through reductions in labor and repetitive type injuries and reduced maintenance costs.
        The AutoTurn 100 is a rapid pay back investment on labor savings alone.
      • Product quality - Eliminates all the manual handling of product as normally associated with the
        "other" machines on the market.
        • Sanitation - The AutoTurn 100 is very easy to clean and sanitize.
        • Faster - speeds of up to 200 or more chunks per minute (product dependent).
        • Compact - Efficient use of floor space.

        Product Width
        Product Height*
        Product Length
        Machine Length/Width*
        69" x 36"
        Machine Speed
        up to 200 per minute (product dependent)
        * These dimensions can be tailored to fit your needs

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